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Dear Northern Lights Energy & Power Customer

By now some of you may have been approached by one of our Customer Support Representatives to join us in our new venture.  As follow-up to this contact, and to provide you with information on the new joint venture we are pleased to announce the following:

Northern Lights Energy & Power and Alberta Renewable Energy Co-operative (SPARK) have merged their retail operations through the newly formed Alberta Co-operative Energy (ACE).  

Joining us in this exciting new venture is North Parkland Power Rural Electrification Association Ltd. – an excellent partner due to its cooperative values.

ACE is a cooperative of cooperatives, where we have joined forces to offer you enhanced and broader range of services that include electricity, natural gas and a green energy program.

Why are we doing this: No fear…things just got better!

  • Grow cooperatively

This is an opportunity for both Northern Lights Energy & Power and SPARK to grow efficiently and add new products and services with a partner that has like-minded values; we are both cooperatives (or maintain cooperative values.

  • New products and services

Leveraging of skills to provide Together we are able to leverage skills and knowledge that enables expansion of service offerings; providing power, natural gas (those with a gas service located in a natural gas coop will not be eligible for this service) and alternative energy solutions to the many other cooperative minded people and businesses in Alberta.  Did you know that 2/3rds of Albertans are a member in at least one coop?

  • Partner that we can trust 
  1. This partnership is an build from previous working interactions.  Northern Lights Energy & Power, North Parkland Power and SPARK have worked on a variety of collaborative business ventures over the last several years and have built a mutually beneficial, close and transparent relationship.
  • Value based competitive options

Economies of scale is critical in the retail energy market as is alignment with the values of our customers; merging of retail operations (formation of ACE) results in a big step forward towards achieving those goals through the use of cooperative values.

What will NOT change: No loss…only changing what you want to change!

Our commitment to your current rate, should you wish to keep it, until the end of the term that we had previously committed to you

Pre-authorized payment process will continue as it was with Northern Lights Energy & Power 

What WILL change: All about customer options…your services, your way! 

New Product options – we can now offer you fixed and variable pricing for electricity and natural gas, in addition to a SPARK Green Offset Program, the province’s most progressive way for Albertans to get their power from small scale solar and wind producers in your neighbourhood – see our website for pricing 

Convenient Billing option – you will have the option of having two utilities on one bill 

Consolidated Billing option – multiple sites (gas or electric) can be combined on one bill 

Security Deposit option – earn a return on your deposit and get a reduced energy rate 

Cooperative Membership option – member ownership in Alberta Renewable Energy Co-operative (SPARK); owned by you, and responsive ultimately to you

Convenient Payment options – in the near future we will have a wider range of bill payment options including credit card and cheque.

New logo on your bill – your bills will be coming from ACE (Alberta Co-operative Energy)

What do I have to do: Not much…just give us verbal or written permission

Transitioning from being a customer of Northern Lights Energy & Power to ACE will be easy

  • simple yes to a follow up call or email from one of our staff and we will transfer all the needed information and take care of the rest
  • our billing services will be provided by Alberta Utility Billing Inc. Over the coming days and weeks, you will be contacted by Steve and/or Anne, or another member of our great new team asking you to join us

Northern Lights Energy and Power/SPARK Merge to form Alberta Cooperative Energy (ACE)

Overview of the Importance of Boilers

There is virtually nothing worse than having a boiler that is malfunctioning. If you really stop and think about it, this can quickly become something far more than a mere nuisance. In fact, it can turn into something that could be deadly if it isn’t repaired in a timely fashion. It is not atypical to find boilers in several places throughout the area, largely due to the excessively cold winters. The problem is that when they are not maintained properly, they can either stop working properly or in some cases, they might stop working altogether. In a worst-case scenario, boilers can and have exploded in the past. This is usually due to the buildup of too much pressure, largely because of a lack of proper maintenance. Therefore, it is easy to see that having a boiler that is properly maintained is one of the best things that you can do in order to keep you and those you care about safe.

When it comes to boiler repair in Calgary, it is essential that you choose a company that is capable of quickly diagnosing problems and then fixing them so they don’t continue to result in even bigger problems down the road. Unfortunately, it is not always as simple as looking something up online or even going to a telephone directory and calling the first number on the list. It is vitally important that you choose a company that has a proven track record when it comes to boiler repair. Furthermore, you want that company to be reputable and dependable. The last thing you want is to have a company that takes forever to come to a location and look at a problem or one that seems to be incapable of getting the job done once the problem is discovered.

No one wants to deal with problems associated with a boiler. However, it only stands to reason that these systems will have to be maintained on a regular basis in order to avoid those types of problems. That is why you should always have a solid company that you know you can depend on at the ready for boilers in Calgary, both for routine maintenance and to diagnose and correct specific issues.

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